Artist – Title – Label

Anthony Duke – Blood Red Rose – Lycian Records
Blue Moon Rising – Never Happy Until Full Of Sorrow
Preston Camp, Jr – July 9th In Linden, Texas – Red Note Records
Gretchen Peters – Hello Cruel World
Preston Camp, Jr w Mallie Powell – Silver Angel – Red Note Records
Freeman And Williams – The Grandpa That I Know
Victor Camozzi – Marlboro Morning – Volco Records
Songbird – Alabama Nights
Scott McClatchy – Another Bad Day At Boothill Graveyard – own production
Gretchen Peters w Rodney Crowell – Dark Angel
Jenai Huff – The Distance Between (The Woman I Wanna Be) – own production
Katie Powderly – Bridges, Burning
Whitstein Brothers – That Silver Haired Dady Of Mine
Stonemans – Ruby Put Your Black Shoes On