Artist – Title – Label

Joan Maute – Just For A Little While – Self Released

The Pink Rangers – Somewhere Unfamiliar – Self Released

Susan Sheller – The Wind Knows – Self Released

Karen Osborn – Your Kisses – Self Released

Red Moon Band – Why He Left The Ocean – Self Released

Danny Schmidt – Cry On The Flowers – Self Released

Kelley McCrae – Easy On My Mind – Kelley McRae Songs

Hillary Reynolds Band – Braver Than We Think – Hillary Reynolds Band

Wood Family – Riding In An Old Fraight Train – Self Released

Valerie Smith – Hand Me Down – Bell Buckle Records

Urban Monroes – Hole In My Heart – Mountain Sky Media

Lynn Miles – Can’t Stop My Heart From Breaking – Continental Record Service

The Lonesome River Band – If The Moon Never Sees The Light Of Day – Mountain Home Records

Janet Bates – Time To Go – Self Released