Artist – Title – Label

Wanda Addair – My Soul Touches Heaven – Song 1 Music

Tom Wernigg – The Rainbow’s Gone – Self Released

The Spinney Brothers – She Doesn’t Mourn Anymore – Mountain Fever Records

The Lonesome River Band – Every Head Bowed – Mountain Home Music Comapany

The Dead Pigeons – Amongst The Pines – Self Released

Shawn Lane – Top Of The Mountain – Self Released

Richard Bennett – Stronger Every Day – Lonesome Day

Oly Mountain Boys – Memories Of The Hillside – Self Released

Noel McKay – Outskirts Of Town – B+N Records

Leelee Robert – Buckaroo Man – Misikode Records

Larry Cordle – Cure For The Common Heartache – Mighty Cord Records

Fayssoux – Mama’s Hungry Eyes – Red Beet Records

Ray Edwards/ Jeanette Williams – Blue Ridge Blue – Rural Rhythm Records

Donna Ulisse – In The Good Ole Days When Times Were Bad – Hadley Music Group