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Program information


Common format

We tried to make a program, whit all the aspects of countrymusic. After a good start with mostly new tracks of major artists the independent artists get their turn. In between we play the gospelsong of the week. In the rest of the first hour, with mostly well known artists, several arts of countrymusic come in the footlights like: traditional country, cajun, texmex and rockabilly. The second hour is mostly more quiet with ballads. Of course we pay attention to elder artists and their music.

Special attention

In a special part of the second hour we pay attention to the acoustic music. We play mostly bluegrass and folk. At the end of the weekly program a track of a Dutch artist is highlighted, “The Windmill attention track of the month”. Every month we pay extra attention to a favorite CD, of which we play every week a different track.


It is not our intention to make a request program, but still request of listeners are welcome and will be scheduled as good as possible in the program.


Composition, Technics and Presentation: Bart van der Pol
Composition: Christien van der Pol

Schedule of broadcasting

The broadcasting of the program is live on: friday 20.00 – 22.00 hour pm


Email: countryfestival  @  rtvkatwijk.nl