Nina Van Horn

Op 11 februari in het radioprogramma Purple Haze een interview met de zangeres en songwriter Nina Van Horn. Ook draai ik nummers van haar CD “Seven Deadly Sins”. Verder o.a. nieuwe releases van Albert Castiglia en Laurence Jones.

February 11 an interview with singer, songwriter Nina Van Horn on the radio show Purple Haze. Also tracks from her CD “Seven Deadly Sins” will be spinned. Furthermore amongst others new releases from Albert Castiglia and Laurence Jones.

Nina Van Horn, the former dancer is on stage since she’s 14 and it shows everytime she hits a stage. She started as a classical dancer, performed with the Lyric Company of France, even started a lyrical carreer when they found out she could sing and pretty well: she was a Soprano Colorature for some years but did not find her real way in it and decides to become a Country Singer while living in Texas for a while…Her adventures lead her to New Orleans where she found her real satisfaction in Blues as riding Harley, whiskey and cigarettes shaped her voice for this kind of music !
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De CD Seven Deadly Sins
Best Blues CD in Germany 2013 (Wasser Prawda)
Best Blues CD in France

Mijn recensie van ‘Nina Van Horn – Seven Deadly Sins’ voor Bluesnagazine.nl/
My CD review of ‘Nina Van Horn – Seven Deadly Sins’ for Bluesmagazine.nl (Dutch).

Photo: ©Pierre Noirault (used by permission)

Nina Van Horn – About the radio show Purple Haze

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