Dave Crowe and Andy Balcon (Heymoonshaker)

Op 11 maart in het radioprogramma Purple Haze een interview met de gitarist en zanger Andy Balcon van de Britse groep Heymoonshaker. Ook draai ik nummers van hun nieuwe EP “Shakerism”. Verder o.a. muziek van Billy & Bloomfish, Christina Skjølberg, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker en Jon Zeeman.

March 11 an interview with guitarist, singer Andy Balcon from the UK group Heymoonshaker on radio show Purple Haze. Also tracks from their EP “Shakerism” will be spinned. Furthermore music from Billy & Bloomfish, Christina Skjølberg, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Jon Zeeman and much more.

Foto / Photo: Stephanie Durbic

Mijn interview met Andy Balcon en Dave Crowe in Bluesmagazine.nl / My interview with Andy Balcon en Dave Crowe in Bluesmagazine.nl (Dutch):

Heymoonshaker are the unlikely pairing of two art forms that are decades apart; Grit-your-teeth, raw, blues guitar and expansive, heart-pounding beatboxing. Urbanizing blues music now for nearly 2 years, Andy Balcon and Dave Crowe are extremely talented at their craft but what impresses most and has made their commitment to Beatbox Blues so successful is the indescribable chemistry these two have on stage. The musical sparring of Crowe’s powerful beats versus Andy’s possessed vocals forge together like two pieces of iron, creating an inspired piece of creativity and originality.
From: https://www.facebook.com/heymoonshaker

Volgende week (18 maart) in Purple Haze ? Next week (March 18) on Purple Haze: Billy & Bloomfish!

Billy & Bloomfish – Jingle Purple Haze – RTV Katwijk

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