Catherine Capozzi & Christine Zufferey – Foto / Photo Jan Marius Franzen

Op 15 april 2014 werden in Rijnsburg opnamen gemaakt van de zeer getalenteerde muzikanten Catherine Capozzi en Christine Zufferey voor het radio programma Purple Haze. Deze zijn binnenkort te beluisteren in het radioprogramma Purple Haze.

On April 15, 2014 recordings were made of the talented musicians Catherine Capozzi en Christine Zufferey for the radio show Purple Haze.
To be broadcasted soon. You can listen to the radio show Purple Haze via the internet.

Catherine Capozzi won the fameuze “Red Special” gitaar van Brian May (Queen), die hem ook uitreikte. Zij toert met Christine Zufferey en haar band Axemunkee nu door Europa.

Capozzi en Christine Zufferey tijdens de opnamen voor het radio programma Purple Haze
Capozzi en Christine Zufferey at the live recordings for the radio show Purple Haze

Catherine Capozzi (Axemunkee)
Catherine Capozzi is a professional musician who tours throughout Europe and locally in New England. Her style combines elements of majestic psychedelia, hard rock, surf music, Middle Eastern music, and Parisian swing.
Catherine’s composition “Acid Django” is featured in the History Channel’s hit program, American Pickers (as well as other cable TV shows)
Catherine has received the following recognition:
*First ballot grammy nominee for Best Rock Instrumental Performance
*Selected by Brian May of Queen to win his famed “Red Special” guitar (sponsored by Hollywood Records and Tower Records)

Christine Zufferey aka Mary Zoo
Originating from the Boston underground rock scene, Swiss native Christine Zufferey is releasing a new opus “Like sunshine after rain” in her own folk alternative style, with songs in English and French. She performs solo on twelve string guitar and electric, and sometimes with guest musicians. Her full-length album, 10 of which are in English, shows her diversity. The acoustic, sober and raw quality of her solo performances is kept, while depths and colors are added in the subtle arrangements, moving it from electric to floaty, from melancholic to warm to eerie. From:

Na de opnamen voor het radioprogramma Purple Haze een tripje naar de bollenvelden in Nooordwijk
After the recordings for the radio show Purple Haze a short trip to the flower fields in Noordwijk Holland

ccnoordwijkCatherine Capozzi & Christine Zufferey – Foto /Photo Jan Marius Franzen

Catherine Capozzi speelt gitaar bij de bollenvelden in Noordwijk (live)
Catherine Capozzi plays guitar at the tulip fields in Noordwijk, Holland (live)

Purple Haze is elke dinsdagavond van 11 uur tot 12 uur te beluisteren op RTV Katwijk.
Op de plaatselijke kabel op 88,1 MHz, op FM 106,6 MHz voor zo ongeveer de hele Bollenstreek en via internet. De uitzending is daarna nog twee weken te beluisteren via internet op “uitzending gemist”.

Purple Haze: Every Tuesday night 23:00 – 24:00 (CET)
To listen to this show via the internet please select “Livestream”
Also you can hear at ’ Uitzending gemist / Missed Shows ‘ the 2 most recent broadcasts

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