Op 29 mei in het radioprogramma Purple Haze een interview met de Engelse gitarist en zanger Rosco Levee en muziek van zijn CD “Final Approach To Home”. Verder muziek van muzikanten die hem beïnvloed hebben.

On May 29 in the radio show Purple Haze an interview with the British guitarist and singer Rosco Levee and songs from his CD “Final Approach To Home” and music from artists who influenced him.

Rosco Levee is a singer songwriter and guitarist from Kent, who has been playing the guitar for the last 24 years…and he’s only 29 now! Music and writing songs is in his blood; every day he composes a new song, a set of lyrics or a new melody to work with. Spurred on by his good friend, the notable singer songwriter Pete Molinari, Rosco has gone back to his roots where he was brought up on a diet of blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll. Artists such as Robert Johnson, Delaney Bramlett and Elvis, and bands such as The Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones and The Band are all major influences.

Optredens in Nederland/ Upcoming performances in The Netherlands:
3 juni: The Cave in Amsterdam
5 juni: Bluescafé in Apeldoorn

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